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A new approach to treat pulmonary hypertension

Our Vision

Gradient Denervation Technologies is developing a new way to treat pulmonary hypertension, a fatal condition that affects thousands of patients per year, worldwide.

The therapeutic approach developed by Gradient Denervation Technologies aims at reducing pulmonary vascular resistance and improving cardiovascular hemodynamics.

Our goal at Gradient is to develop a device completely optimised for this indication, providing homogenous and durable results.

Gradient Denervation Technologies is currently focusing on prototyping work following a successful seed financing round.

What is Pulmonary Hypertension?

Each year, millions of patients are diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension after they present with shortness of breath or signs of heart failure.

It’s a devastating, very rapidly evolving disease, characterised by elevated blood pressure in the pulmonary artery that carries blood from the heart, to the lungs.

It has a dramatic impact on prognosis and survival, with a median survival rate of 7 to 9 year following onset diagnosis.

Therapeutic options are limited to 15% of the patients, with the other 85% remaining in a therapeutic dead-end.

Hyperactivity of Pulmonary Artery Nerves

It has been demonstrated that patients with pulmonary hypertension present an hyperactivity of Pulmonary Artery nerves, which contributes to increasing the pulmonary pressures.

Based on these findings, several academic teams have tested different methods to alter this nervous overdrive with promising results on the reduction of the pulmonary pressures - on the long term.

At Gradient Denervation Technologies, we work to design a unique medical device to perform thermal ablation of the nerves involved in this hyperactivity.

International team

CEO - Martin Grasse

15Y+ experience in operational and executive positions
COO - Charlotte Cavé

15Y+ experience in management of innovative medtech projects
CMO - Lukas Guenther

Surgeon, 10Y+ as medtech VC
CTO - David Amaoua

15+Y experience in management of medtech project in Ultrasound & Cardiovascular
CLINICIAN INVENTORS - Prof. Jeff Feinstein

int. Cardiologist, PH expert, Stanford University
CLINICIAN INVENTORS - Dr. S. Ganashanmugan

Cardiosurgeon, PH expert, Houston Methodist

Our grants

EIT Health Catapult

2020 winner - Medtech 3rd place
i-Lab 2020

2020 Laureat

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